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Introducing the Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project!

I am truly honored and excited to announce that the Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project will now be a featured conservation organization for this year’s WildArt Mongolia Expedition! Accompanying the announcement are photos I’ve taken of bankhar over the years. To quote from their mission statement: “The Mongolian Bankhar […]

An Artist In Paris, 1996

  Obviously, everyone knows what has happened in Paris and my thoughts are with the Parisians and French people. I’ve only been to Paris once, in December 1996. My husband had business-related meetings so I had the better part of a week to wander the city. Paris is […]

My Romanian Adventure (It Was Great!)

I already know that I want to go back to Romania. One week barely scratched the surface of a country, like Mongolia, that really deserves to be better known, especially by nature-lovers. My goal was to visit the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania to see part of the largest […]