The 2016 WildArt Mongolia Expedition Departs Tomorrow!

WildArt Logo 2016 600

I arrived in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia last Sunday evening. This past week has been spent in confirming a number of things with the tour company, Nomadic Journeys, who is handling all the logistics, meeting with the guide and lead driver, getting acquainted with the two other participants who arrived over the last couple of days (we went to the National Museum of Mongolia and the Museum of the Chojin Lama today) and repacking for three weeks on the road. We depart tomorrow morning. We’ll return to Ulaanbaatar on June 10.  In between there will be much to see as we travel to the far southern part of Great Gobi A Strictly Protected Area and then back north to the buffer zone of Hustai National Park to meet up with the Mongolian Bankhar Project.

So, as the Mongols would say, “daraa ulzii”…see you later!


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