“Ikh Nart Argali Ram #3″  oil  20×24” (price on request)

“Argali”  oil  17×28″ (price on request)


A selection of my work is always available at Strawberry Rock Gallery in Trinidad, California. Visit their website here.


Red-legged frog in our pond a couple of days ago. They are an endangered species so we are very please to have them.





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  1. Hi Derek,
    Thanks! I’ve been going to Mongolia since 2005. The first trip was for an Earthwatch expedition to a research camp at a nature reserve where the scientists are studying argali sheep and other species. Since then I’ve worked through an excellent tour company there, Nomadic Journeys, and plan my own itineraries for my yearly trips, for which they provide drivers, sometimes guides and, if necessary, a cook. My main activity has been collecting reference for my paintings, so I shoot a lot of photos. But I also sketch and paint on location. I use watercolors since it’s not practical to take my oils. So the painting in the post was done in my studio. You can see location watercolors from my last trip here: https://foxstudio.biz/2014/07/14/mongolia-watercolors-and-sketches-so-far-having-a-wonderful-time/


  2. Hello Susan, It was a pleasure meeting you today at The Explorers Club. I am looking around your website and I love what I see so far. I really appreciate your offer in regards to traveling to Mongolia. As I mentioned, I love horses and travel and would like to make a trip with you and my art. Please keep me posted. I will also send you an email so we can stay in touch. Thank you. Kind regards, Susan


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