Rock Hoppin'  20x36"  oil
Rock Hoppin’ 20×36″ oil


Although I’ll paint any subject that captures my fancy, my favorite subject is the natural world, especially animals. I work in a traditional oil technique, always striving for a personal, painterly expression. Fieldwork to see my subjects in their own habitat is extremely important. My travels to accomplish this have included trips to Mongolia, Kenya, Canada and Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Glacier National Parks. I take many photos and sketch on location as much as possible. Drawing, for me, is a fundamental part of painting and, fortunately, I love to draw.

I have found that when you take the time to sit and watch animals, as opposed to just mentally checking off seeing them, they inevitably reveal insights into their lives which are totally separate from any relationship, or perceived value, to humans. The chance to record those moments on canvas is one of the things that gets my creative juices flowing. Animals are all individuals just as we are, with their own habits and quirks. It is this individuality of our fellow sentient beings that I always aspire to communicate in my work along with the beauty and intrinsic value of the places where they live.

Arburd Sands
Arburd Sands

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