New Takhi Paintings for Mazaalai Art Gallery In Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia!

Grooming (Hustai Takhi) 8x10" oil
Grooming (Hustai Takhi) 8×10″ oil

I leave for my 11th trip to Mongolia on Saturday. Going with me will be five new small works in oil for Mazaalai Art Gallery, which represents me in Ulaanbaatar. All of them are of takhi/Przewalski’s horse from Hustai National Park, which I have visited seven times over the years and will once again this year. 10% of the sales price will be donated to Hustai. You can visit their Facebook page here. And here are the rest of the paintings.

Hustai Takhi Foal 8x10" oil
Hustai Takhi Foal 8×10″ oil
Good Grass (Hustai Takhi 6x6" oil
Good Grass (Hustai Takhi 6×6″ oil
Hustai Takhi Stallion oil 6x6"
Hustai Takhi Stallion oil 6×6″
Hustai Takhi Mare and Foal oil 5x7"
Hustai Takhi Mare and Foal oil 5×7″


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