My iPad Sketches Are In A New Book!

I got an email last year from one of the authors of a book called “Visual Notes”, first published in 1984. He and his co-author were updating it to include images created digitally. He found my blog post about my iPad sketching and asked permission to use some of them in the new edition. Of course, I said “Yes!”

The new book is out and is available on here on Amazon. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but have browsed through it and it looks really good. I’m very, very proud to have my iPad sketches included in a book that also includes “visual notes” by people such as choreographer Merce Cunningham and architect Michael Graves.

Here are a few of the seven sketches that are in the book:

"Pot-bellied Pig, Oakland Zoo"- I did this one in about 15 seconds and almost hit "Don't Save", but this was the one that caught the author's eye.
"Flamingos, Oakland Zoo"- My own favorite from that day at the zoo.
"Roosevelt Elk Bull, Redwood National Park"- I sat in the car and sketched this big guy who also had a large harem of cows.

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