Mongolia Monday- Twenty Questions For Mongolphiles, Part 2

Mongol child, near Hustai National Park, Sept. 2006

You can find Part 1 of the quiz here.

Take the quiz and find how much of a Mongolphile you REALLY are. Post your answers in the comments. Below are the second ten questions. Answers will be accepted until March 30, then I’ll do a tally. The person with the most right answers will receive an 8×10″ print of Mongol Horse #3-Young Stallion :

Good luck!

1. What is a “morin khuur”?

2. From what people did the Mongols get their classical vertical script?

3. What are each of the four sides of a sheep’s anklebone called?

4. Name the Five Snouts.

5. Which ikh khan founded Kharkhorin?

Herder's ger, Gobi, July 2010

6. Which direction do gers always face?

7. Who is the lead singer of Hurd? For bonus points, what does his name mean?

8. What is the name of the mountain where Temujin took refuge?

9. What are The Three Manly Sports?

10. Name the two main political parties in Mongolia.

Mongol script used on advertising banner, Ulaanbaatar, Sept. 2006

2 thoughts on “Mongolia Monday- Twenty Questions For Mongolphiles, Part 2

  1. 1. Horse head fiddle
    2. Uighurs
    3. Camel, horse, sheep, goat
    4. Yak, cow, camel, sheep, goat?
    5. Ogedai khan?
    6. South
    7. Dammit! dunno
    8. Burkhan Khaldun? Near the Onon River in Khentii aimag
    9. Wrestling, Archery, Horseriding
    10. Mongolian Peoples Party, Republican Party


  2. from C Hollrigel
    1. horsehead fiddle
    2. Uighurs
    3. camel, horse, goat, sheep
    4. horses, cattle, sheep, goats, camels
    5. Genghis set up his capital in Kharhorin, Odekai built tthe palace
    6. east
    7. Dombyn Temortsog
    8. Burkkhan Khaldun
    9. archery, wrestling, horse racing
    10. MPRP & the Mongolian Democratic Coalition


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