In The Studio: 2017 North Coast Open Studios!

studio 2
Local treats….Cypress Grove cheeses “Humboldt Fog” and “Truffle Temor” and the lcoally famous Lacey’s cookies, the dark chocolate and almond version

I’m open right now for North Coast Open Studios! Nice turnout this morning and early afternoon, including one woman who has been interested in the Przewalski’s horse/takhi since she was s child. I was able to share with her not only photos but video that I shot at Khomyn Tal in 2015.

studio 1
Propanels with a selection of my paintings and drawings
studio 3
My beloved Hughes Easel with my two newest argali paintings.

It’s a rainy day, which is great for the garden.

garden 1

garden 3

garden 2

If you live in Humboldt County, the event continues through tomorrow. Over one hundred artists have opened their studios. Find some near you here.

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