A Special Announcement!

Field sketching at Orog Nuur, a Gobi lake, in 2010.
Field sketching at Orog Nuur, a Gobi lake, in 2010.

I am proud to announce that I have recently been accepted as a Fellow of The Explorers Club!

The Club, founded in 1904, has always been the premier organization for explorers and also scientists who do research in the field. Its members have included Admiral Peary, Jane Goodall, John Glenn, Dian Fossy, Lowell Thomas, Chuck Yeager, Sylvia Earle and Roy Chapman Andrews (who has been a personal inspiration to me for my travels in Mongolia and who received the Club’s highest award, The Explorers Club Medal, in 1932).

I am honored to join a number of my Society of Animal Artist friends and colleagues as a member, one of whom graciously consented to sponsor me.

I’ve posted the Exploration Resume which was part of my application and also the images of me and my art that were included.




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