Drawings From The Sea Of Cortez Trip

I’ve been having fun over the last month or so doing graphite drawings from reference I shot during the artist’s trip to the Sea of Cortez this past March. You can find out more about the trip here.

One of the reasons for doing them is to explore possible subjects for finished paintings that will be submitted for the 2013 exhibition, “The Sea of Cortez: Where the Desert Meets the Sea”, to be held at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona.

All the drawings are done with a General Draughting Pencil on 14×17″ Strathmore vellum bristol.

So, without further ado:

Roseate spoonbill
Sally Lightfoot crab
Blue-footed booby
Magnificent frigatebird
Elegant or Royal tern (the birders on the trip never could decide for sure which species)

3 thoughts on “Drawings From The Sea Of Cortez Trip

  1. No. I mostly took photos, but did some old-fashioned sketchbook sketching when I was in Nacapuli Canyon. The one downside of the iPad for a sketchbook is that it is hard to use in bright light.


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