Mongolia Monday- New Painting Debut! “Argali On The Rocks”

Argali On The Rocks 15×30″ oil on canvas

I had gone out very early from the research camp at Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Nature Reserve this past July and had settled down on a rock to see who would show up at the water hole.

I looked up and saw these two rams checking me out as they scanned their surroundings.

The sun was just hitting the cliff tops, so they really stood out against the morning sky.

For the painting, I wanted to give a sense of the landscape that they live in and how comfortable they are on tilted surfaces that would make most of us somewhat nervous.

Soon after I took this and some more photos, they came down onto the valley floor and joined up with some buddies for a drink and a graze.

I got to watch them for about half an hour.

And yes, after 2 1/2 years, I’ve updated the look of my blog with a new theme. I finally found one that I liked and that has new features and functions the previous one lacked. Let me know what you think!

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