Any Artist Or Creative Person With A Facebook Page Needs to Read This

Facebook recently changed its Terms of Service (TOS) in a way which explicitly gives them unlimited, forever rights to whatever content you post there. Three Groups have formed so far to fight this.

Read more about it here

Regardless of the fact that we all might as well accept that anything we put up on the Internet is there forever and can’t really be controlled, that does not give someone like Facebook the right to appropriate their user community’s intellectual and copyrighted property for their own possible future profit. That’s not sharing, it’s theft.

One thought on “Any Artist Or Creative Person With A Facebook Page Needs to Read This

  1. Hi Susan, you have shed some interesting light on this issue for me.

    So far, all I have read has been about privacy concerns (rightly so) but what you point out is chillingly true, too, and made me wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?”.

    I didn’t think of it because I am not an artist by profession and so it didn’t “cross my mind” – but I’m glad you pointed this tremendously important point out about the new Facebook TOS.

    I do hope more artists read this blog posting of yours.


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