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An Olympic Drawing Opportunity

If you’re watching the Olympics you know that it sometimes seems more like ads interspersed with some sporting events than the other way around. I’ve also realized that I don’t know how argali sheep are put together as well as I need to, especially the legs, and I’ve […]

The Big Argali Painting, Part 3

When we last left the big argali painting (36×40″), I had worked through the composition and drawing. You can read that post here. I finally got back to it this week. The first step was to use the good old grid system to transfer the drawing in pencil. […]

Four New Paintings!

Here are four more new paintings to go with the two I posted last week. I had a problem with the background in the last one and thought I’d show how it was and how I changed it. Here is one of the takhi (Przewalski’s horse) that I […]

The Final Drawing. Really.

Came back in this morning and looked at the last version with fresh eyes…..and realized that in trying to solve one problem with the ram on the left, that I’d wrecked the rhythm of the composition. The ram’s head needs to be down. Here are the two versions. […]