The Big Argali Painting, Part 5

Spent pretty much all of my easel time on the argali painting this week. I think I’ve got it on track now. I need to do some detail drawings of the horns of all three to make sure I understand their structure and perspective before I begin the final stage on them.

I tried painting the big ram light all over, like my reference of him, yesterday, along with defining his neck and shoulder muscles. Came in this morning and realized that I needed to go back to the original color rough because I’d lost the value contrast I needed and the interesting color variation that the younger rams have on their heads and bodies. So I ended up going in dark over light, which worked just fine.

end of day 10-21-09
end of day 10-21-09

I also added a couple more layers of color to the sky- a light warm and a light cool,  knocked back the right side background with a pale glaze and the left shadow side with an ultramarine blue glaze to cool it down.

This morning I started on the young ram on the left and pretty much have him where I want him. Then I went back to the main ram and repainted him from head to tail.

end of day 10-22-09
end of day 10-22-09

I’m starting to get the light quality I’m after. Next, I believe, will be the left side and foreground rocks to “catch them up” with the rest.

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