I’m Participating In “Inktober52”!

I’m excited about doing this new event from the folks who also created Inktober. It’s called Inktober52. As in a drawing a week for a year. Due to upcoming travel I’m pretty sure I won’t manage the full year but I’m going to do my best. They’re emailing us each week with a prompt. I missed last week but did a “make up” drawing yesterday and this week’s drawing this morning.

The prompt:: “Flight” (above)
I’m planning to mostly use dip pens. “Rooks, Mongolia” A big flock of rooks (related to crows) flew over me on one of my trips to Mongolia. They were all black except one, which was white, very unusual. Esterbrook Drafting #825 nib on Canson Vidalon

The prompt: “Shadow” (below)
“Patio Chair”- I’d been wanting to do something with the photo for awhile and there will probably be a painting at some point since the chair is a nice lavender, but this taught me how to draw it and work out basic values. Noodler’s Black on Canson Vidalon Vellum with a Perry & Co. #120EF nib.⁣

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