Check out “SketchWild”…My New Nature Sketching Site!

SketchWild is the new place to go for information, tutorials on sketching the natural world, including animals, in pen and ink and also watercolor. And sometimes both! Please click HERE to check it out and let me know what you’d like to learn about.
I’ve been sketching on location since 1989, including Mongolia, England, Germany, Portugal, Romania and, in the USA, many states including Hawaii and a variety of national parks and wildlife refuges. And now I want to offer what I’ve learned and encourage people to pick up a sketchbook and pen or pencil to experience nature in a new way.
(Note: Fox Studio,, isn’t going anywhere. I’ll still be posting my oil paintings, exhibition news and stories of my travels there, along with tips and techniques and the work of artists I admire.)

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