Gallimauphry Friday: Cat Art Sale Coming Up! See What I’ll Be Offering…

Watching Cat
“Watching Cat” watercolor on paper 7×10″ $20

There is a great benefit art show that has happened for a number of years now that I’ve contributed to in the past but have been too busy to do again until now. It’s called “Cats in the Hall”, the hall being The Hall Gallery at 208 C Street Studios in Eureka, California, about 20 minutes from where I live.

There will be work by over 70 local artists working in various media. The Arts Alive! Reception will be on Sept. 2nd. The doors open at 12:00PM Saturday and Sunday. Costumes are encouraged for the opening. The show comes down Sept 27th. There will be cats available for adoption.

I’ve taken advantage of finally not staring down the barrel of show deadlines for awhile to splash around with my watercolors and have some fun painting from the zillions of photos I’ve taken of our cats over the years.

Conked Out Cat (1)
“Conked Out Cat” watercolor on paper 6.25×9″  $10

The pieces I’m posting here will only be available for now at the show. If any don’t sell, then I’ll post them for sale on my website.

Comfy Cat
“Comfy Cat” watercolor on paper 5×6″ $10

I really had fun loosening up with the watercolors. I drew each shape, added a layer of clear water and then started adding paint, just letting it do its thing. I used my new Yarka watercolor set so it was a chance to try out some new colors too.

Tiny Cat
“Tiny Cat” watercolor on paper 1 7/8″x3 7/8″  $5

So if you live in Humboldt County (or beyond) and you love art or cats or art and cats or cat art, come to the show!

Tummy Cat
“Tummy Cat” watercolor on paper 10×7″  $20

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