Day 11 of my “12 Days of Drawings” Sale! “Tolai Hare”

Tolai-Hare-eraseDAY 11 of my “12 Days of Drawings” Sale!
“Tolai Hare” graphite on paper, 9×5.5″
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Tolai Hares are the only native species of rabbit/hare in Mongolia. I’ve seen them in a variety of locations. Sometimes they will wait, crouched down, until you’re very close and then suddenly explode from cover and take off. leaving you with a nice little adrenaline rush. Many visitors go home with only photos of tolai hare hind ends moving away and I have my share of those. But last year at Ikh Nart I was already up on the rocks just sitting still waiting for argali when this one came out to graze in the early evening light, so after years of trying, I got some very nice photos and will be doing a painting at some point.

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