Day 10 of my “12 Days of Drawings” Sale! “Takhi Mare, Hustai Nuruu”

Hustai-Takhi-MareDAY 10 of my “12 Days of Drawings” Sale!
“Takhi Mare, Hustai Nuruu” graphite on paper, 12×11.5″

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I visited Hustai National Park in 2013 (where there are almost 300 takhi/Przewalski’s horses) and was photographing horses on a hillside that dropped below eye level to a streambed, when one horse, then two, then three, then more and more, suddenly started to come up over the edge on my side. I sat down on right the spot and had the extraordinary experience of watching a large harem of takhi walk right past me, about 30 yards away, snapping photos of them as they went by. This drawing is one of the mares who had a foal with her. She kept an eye on me as she and her baby went by.



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