Saiga Antelope Sketches

Saiga-4I did these two pages of saiga sketches last night while I was watching the Giants beat the Dodgers. One thing we were all struck with when watching them run was the strange body posture (which reminded me, for some reason, of a funny car drag racer) and very odd leg positions. I got a start with understanding how they run it that sequence at the top of the page.

It’s the same animal in the lower two sketches, but with a different head position. Kinda cute on the left and pretty alien-strange on the right.

Saiga-5Just working on learning what they look like on the above page. I had thought that we had only seen one male, but taking a close look, it appears we saw three. They have a much bigger “nose”, plus the horns, which the females lack.

Before I do any finished paintings I’ll need better reference for the heads and hooves, but I got so much more than I expected to, I can hardly complain.

I used a Strathmore premium recycled sketchbook and a .01 Sakura Micron pen.

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