Mongolia Monday- It’s National Naadam Time In Mongolia!

Procession into the naadam stadium with the official State horsetail standards
Procession into the Naadam Stadium with the official State horsetail standards

Serious preparation and packing for my next trip to Mongolia has officially begun. I’ll be doing my pre-trip gear review Very Soon Now.

In the meantime, coming up this weekend is one of the biggest holidays in Mongolia, the annual Naadam. I got to attend it in 2009 and hope to again sometime, maybe next year. It’s when the very best competitors, both horse and human, are featured in The Three Manly Sports- horse racing, wrestling and archery. Ulaanbaatar pretty much closes down on Friday afternoon. Some head to the countryside to get away from the crowds and craziness, but thousands join in the celebration.

Here’s the post I did about my Naadam experience a couple of years ago: Enjoy!

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