New Paintings Debut! “Quiet Moment (Mongol Horses)” and “Goviin Boroo (Gobi Rain)”

"Quiet Moment (Mongol Horses)"   14x18"  oil
“Quiet Moment (Mongol Horses)” 14×18″ oil

These two Mongol horses were part of a large herd that I saw at Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve in August of 2011. The mosquitos were pretty bad, so they were spending the day standing  in a large shallow pond surrounded by a wetland area. Although it is a nature reserve, the local herders are allowed to use the valley as they always have during the times when the ground-nesting cranes aren’t incubating eggs.

Herd of Mongol horses at Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve
Herd of Mongol horses at Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve with the Steppe Nomads eco ger camp in the background. The reserve is only a two-hour drive from Ulaanbaatar

The reference for “Goviin Boroo (Gobi Rain)” was taken in July, 2010 on my amazing two week camping trip. The rains were really good almost everywhere that year and the Gobi, contrary to how most westerners picture it, was green, green, green in many places, including this area near Orog Nuur, a remote Gobi lake where we spent the night.

"Goviin Boroo (Gobi Rain)"  18x24"  oil
“Goviin Boroo (Gobi Rain)”
18×24″ oil

I loved the layers of clouds, the streak of sunlight on the grass and the complimentary colors of green and red and knew I’d do a painting of the scene at some point.

You can read about the camping trip by selecting Mongolia 2010 from the drop-down categories menu.

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