Mongolia Monday- 5 Photos Of Favorite Places: Khar Us Nuur

Sunrise with Jargalant Uul in the background
Sunrise with Jargalant Uul in the background

On my second trip to Mongolia in 2006, which I did on my own through Nomadic Journeys, I wanted to go out to the west to visit Khomiin Tal, the third location where takhi/Przewalski’s horse has been reintroduced. I flew out to Hovd, which is around 1000 miles from Ulaanbaatar, met my guide and driver and headed east about 130 miles, most of it on earth roads. I knew nothing about anything in Mongolia at that point and it was all a brand new and exciting experience.

An unexpected sight was Khar Us Nuur National Park, which has been set aside to conserve and protect a complex of three lakes and their connecting channels. It is also one of the great birding hot spots in the world. But it’s difficult to get to the lakeshore in most places due to the thick reed beds. We camped on the shore of one of the channels the last night out in the countryside. Here are some of my favorite photos of a place I’d love to go back to sometime.

The steppe
The steppe at sunset, looking back to the east with the lakes behind me. This was my first look at the legendary grassland steppes the now exist only as remnants in Mongolia.
Great cormorant using an old wooden bridge as a fishing perch
Stoat or ermine who popped up on the old wooden bridge right near where we were camping.
Bactrian camels
Bactrian camels near the soum center, Dorgon. This was the first large herd of camels that I’d seen in Mongolia.

There is a previous post about great wildlife watching places in Mongolia that includes Khar Us Nuur. You can read it here.

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