New Painting Debut! “Rocky Perch (Siberian Ibex Kid)”

Rocky Perch (Siberian Ibex Kid)  12x9"  oil
Rocky Perch (Siberian Ibex Kid) 12×9″ oil

I got hundreds of great photos of ibex at Ikh Nart last year. I’ve done some drawings to familiarize myself with what they look like and how they are put together. You can see those here. This is the first painting I’ve finished, a 12×9″ of a kid who was part of a small group I watched for over half an hour one morning. They were up in the rocks at the far end of the valley where the research camp is located, so an easy hike with great rewards.

Here’s a photo of the setting, which includes the nanny who, as you can see, is wearing a radio collar. The morning light was really lovely.

Ikh Nart 2012

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