Special Guest: Sculptor Hap Hagood, SAA

Thunder Spirit, marble

This is the first of an on-going series in which I get to introduce you to some of my colleagues in the animal art world.

Hap Hagood and I, although we are both Signature Members of the Society of Animal Artists, “met” and have become friends via Facebook. I really admire his work and asked if he would tell me a little about his approach and share some images of his work:

“Because it has always been my desire to capture and express the essence of the animals I portray, I abandoned the strict, realistic style in which I once worked for a more contemporary one. By leaving out what I consider unnecessary detail, I feel I am better able to capture this inner spirit, in much the same manner as the ancient indigenous carver…whose work today would be considered contemporary rather than primitive. Carving in this fashion, I feel my art is not modern, but is simply a continuation of an ancient art form, giving me the feeling of kinship with the storytellers of old.”

“Within every block of wood and stone, there dwells a spirit, waiting to be released.”

Hap Hagood, SAA, AFC, AAA, AAS

To see more of Hap’s work:

Lord of the High Seas, mahogany and holly
Essence of Eagles, alabaster
On A Winter’s Morn, spalled holly
Thoth, mahogany
Red Dove, mahogany

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