A Visit To Our Garden

It rained all through April, so most plants got a late start. But everything is going great now. Vegies are in, but not much to see yet.

I thought I’d share an “album” of photos that I’ve taken over the past month or so to give you look at one thing I do when I’m not at the easel, which is garden. Great exercise and very rewarding, especially this time of year.

I have a special fondness for old roses, hardy geraniums and *most* of the critters who show up. Enjoy.

View of the front garden facing east
Rough-skinned newts doing what newts do in the spring, being checked out by a couple of mosquito fish. What was interesting is that they were doing it out in the middle of the pond in broad daylight. It turns out that they are so toxic that nothing messes with them.
Unidentified species of caterpillar that has colonized some Himalayan honeysuckle volunteers. And only those.
David Austin English Rose “Abraham Darby”
Lilac “Sensation”
Unidentified caterpillar. Might turn into a sphinx moth, but don’t know for sure.
Hardy geranium “Splish Splash:, which is merrily seeding itself around the garden and also hybridizing with Johnson’s Blue.
The Supervisors: Niki, our tri-color rough collie boy and Eowyn, the black kitteh
The reward: a nice big vase of fragrant old roses

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