Mongolia Monday- Twenty Questions for Mongolphiles, Part 1

Rounding up yaks in the Hangai Mountains

You love Mongolia. You’ve traveled there. You’ve studied the history and have learned quite a bit about the culture. You love buuz and airag and mutton. You even own a del.

Take the quiz and find how much of a Mongolphile you REALLY are. Post your answers in the comments. There will be ten more questions next Monday. Answers will be accepted until March 30, then I’ll do a tally. The person with the most right answers will receive a print of Mongol Horse #3-Young Stallion :

Mongol Horse #3-Young Stallion 8x10" print on paper

Onward and good luck!

1. Who demonstrated the strength in working together using arrows?

2. What form does the tea used for milk tea traditionally come in?

3. What side of a Mongol horse does one always mount from?

4. Mongolia became independent in the early 20th century from what other country?

5. What two animals do the Mongols claim descent from?

6. What was the real name of the “mad monk of the Gobi” who wrote the famous poem “Perfect Qualities”?

Display of Mongol saddles at the Union of Mongolian Artists' gallery

7. What is the traditional greeting when approaching a herder’s ger?

8. From what people did the Mongols get their classical vertical script?

9. Why did the Mongol army leave Europe and return to Mongolia?

10. Who created and bestowed the title “Dalai Lama”? For bonus points, what does the world “Dalai” mean?

Ikh Bogd Uul near Orog Nuur in the Gobi

3 thoughts on “Mongolia Monday- Twenty Questions for Mongolphiles, Part 1

  1. #1 =Timuujin’s mother to her three sons.
    #2=The tea comes in the form of a brick–a very twiggy and rough green tea, but mixed with salt and milk, tastes great.
    #3= From the left.
    #4= Russia
    #5= The wolf and the dog.—Aren’t there many different myths? Truthfully, I don’t strongly remember but I have a fuzzy memory of sheep being involved. Oh, I’ll go with the wolf and dog.
    #6= Vaguely familiar…. but, I don’t know.
    #7= Hold the dog or Are you resting well?
    #8= Tibetan
    #9 Genghis Khan died.
    #10= In Tibet or Mongolia? One of the Khans. Bonus: Ocean–Oceanic or in its connotation—Worldwide


  2. 1. Hoelun, Chinggis Khan’s mother
    2. Green tea
    3. Left
    4. China
    5. Wolves & Dogs
    6. dunno!
    7. Nokhoi khor (hold the dog)
    8. Uighurs
    9. The death of Chinggis (and again when Ogedai Khan died?)
    10. dunno! Dalai means ocean or universal


  3. 1. Chinggis Khan’s mother
    2. blocks of tea
    3. left
    4. China
    5. wolf & deer
    6. Danzan Ravjaa
    7. Please hold the dog(s)
    8. Uighur
    9. The Great Khan died and they returned to elect a new kkhan
    10. Altan Khan. Dalai means “ocean”


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