Mongolia Monday- Proverbs About Being A Mongol

Buddhist priest chats with two women, Baga Gazriin Chuluu mountain blessing naadam, July 2009

There are many proverbs in Mongolia concerning good and bad character traits. Many are meant to teach children how they are expected to act. Others are intended as reminders about how to get along in life.

A good character and name is very important and is shown (or not shown) in one’s actions:

Take care of your deel when it is new
Take care of your name when it is clean

Person who has bad character loses his name
Person who works hard will tell his name

Being humble is considered a very good character trait:

A large sea is calm
A knowledgeable person is humble

Many proverbs encourage people to work hard and finish what they start:

If you are bold, work will be finished
If you are persistent, happiness will come

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