Portrait Drawings Of Mongolian People

After looking through Drew Struzen’s wonderful book, “Oeuvre”, I got inspired to pull out some toned Canson paper and try some portraits of Mongol people I’ve photographed over the years. I’m not anywhere near his league, but I’m really having fun doing this kind of finished drawing again.

These are all on Canson Mi Tientes paper, drawn with a 6B General’s Charcoal Pencil and a white Prismacolor colored pencil. For the monks, I added a couple of other colors for their robes.

A herder from Ikh Nartiin Chuluu, 2005
A young monk, Gandan Monastery, Ulaanbaatar, 2006
An older monk, Gandan Monastery, Ulaanbaatar, 2006
Camel herder's wife, Gobi, 2006

One thought on “Portrait Drawings Of Mongolian People

  1. All through the progress of the drawing, I used the Kneaded Rubber Eraser to lighten up areas, and erase mistakes. I would use the eraser to “pat pat pat” an area that had gotten too dark. This would lighten the area without smearing the graphite, or losing the quality of the pencil strokes. The eraser was also very good at completely erasing an area, without damaging the surface of the paper.


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