New Painting Debut! “Saikhan Eej” (Beautiful Mother)

Saikhan Eej (Beautiful Mother) 18x14" oil (price on request)

I was wandering around sketching at Gandan Monastery in Ulaanbaatar last year and was resting in the shade in a courtyard. There were lots of people around, monks in red and gold robes, families feeding the pigeons and older people wearing beautiful del, like this woman. I got just a few photos of her. To me she personifies the character and dignity of Mongol elders. She has seen so much in her life, so many changes. Mothers are particularly honored in Mongolia. I’ve been told that 60% of Mongol songs are about them.

One of the joys of my travels to Mongolia is the opportunity to meet or just be around these older women and men. America could learn a lot from the Mongols about how to treat the wise, experienced elders in our society.

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