Back In Ulaanbaatar After A Wonderful Trip To The Countryside

Sitting in front of my ger at Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve

I just returned the day before yesterday from this year’s trip to the countryside. I’m a little wiped out at the moment, so this will be a short post, but I wanted to check in, post a couple of images and say that there will be more, a lot more, after I get home and have time to absorb and process the past two weeks.

Nationally known sculptor Pokey Park joined me on the tour of the best wildlife watching places in Mongolia. We had a great time together and I’m really looking forward to seeing her first Mongolian animal subjects, not only wildlife, but also the domestic cashmere goats and yaks.

Mongol horse with leg striping that indicates takhi blood in her background

It seems that each of my trips ends up having a theme, one subject that I get more and better reference of than any other. This time it was the Mongol horses. We encountered group after group of beautiful horses in all kinds of colors and markings.

We also had great sightings of takhi, argali and ibex.

Daraa uulzii! (See you later!)

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