Mongolia Monday- If You Would Like To Hear Some Spoken Mongolian…..

Gandan Monastery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2008

I’ve posted a number of music videos here on my blog, but it occurred to me this morning that so far I’ve not posted any spoken work. I happen to love listening the Mongols speak their language, even if I mostly don’t know yet what they are saying. I thought that you might enjoying hearing what it sounds like.

Here’s a YouTube video of the recitation of a famous poem “Love One Another, My People” by one of Mongolia’s most beloved poets, O. Dashbalbar. It is followed by an English translation.

It’s accompanied by “White Stupa No. 1”  from one of Mongolia’s favorite composers, N. Jantsannarov. The images are a wonderful look at Mongolia. I recognized quite a few of the places.

Love one another, my people, while you are still alive.
Don’t keep from others whatever you find beautiful.
Don’t wound my heart with heedless barbs, and
Don’t push anyone into a dark hole.

Don’t mock someone who’s gotten drunk,
Think how it could even be your own father.
And, if you manage to become famous,
Open the door for happiness to others!
They should also not forget your kindness.
To someone who is lacking a sngle word of kindness,
You should search for it and speak it out.
Whether outside in the sun or at home when it’s cold,
Don’t spend one moment at rest.

Don’t use harsh words to complain, you women,
About the kind young man you remember.

Speak lovingly to those who loved you!
Let them remember you as a good lover.

Our lives are really similar,
Our words constrict in our throats the same way,
Our tears drop onto our cheeks the same way –
Things are much the same as we go along the road.
Wipe away a halt woman’s tears without a word,
Talk your lover up when she’s tripped and fallen!

Today you’re smiling, tomorrow you’ll be crying.
Another day  you’re sad, and the next you’ll be singing.
We all pass from the cradle to the grave –
If for no other reason, love one another!
People must not lack for love on this wide earth!
I grasp happiness with the fire of my human mind,
The golden shines lovingly upon us all the same, and
So I think that loving others in the path of life,
I understand that to be loved by others is great joy.

You can find out more about Dashbalbar here.

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