Update From The Society Of Animal Artists 50th Anniversary Celebration

I’ve been so busy the last couple of days that there hasn’t been time to do any posts. Day before yesterday was spent at the San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park and yesterday at the San Diego Zoo. Terrific animal photos ops, lots of walking. And we’re all having a great time together sharing our love of art and animals.

Today are the main events: the annual member’s meeting, a very special presentation about his work by Robert Bateman, who will be receiving a lifetime achievement award, finally getting an opportunity to see the show itself at the San Diego Natural History Museum and, this evening, the banquet, during which Mr. Bateman will be honored and the show juror’s will announce the winners of the Society’s Awards of Excellence for this year.

Tomorrow Guy Coombes, Andrew Denman and I head out to Anza-Borrego State Park in search of desert bighorn sheep. My contact there has emailed me that the rams are already gathering and butting heads. There are sightings near one of the trailheads and even one of the parking lots! It’s also hot, hot, hot. As in 113F hot. Not sure if we’ll be able to camp in the park under those conditions, so we may have to seek out somewhere at higher altitude. But it’s all part of the fun and privilege of being animal artists on the road.

As I am able to access the internet I’ll try to post a few images from the rest of the trip, which currently also includes stops at two wildlife sanctuaries.

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