I’m At The 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Society Of Animal Artists

I left Humboldt County this past Sunday morning, picked up fellow artist and colleague Andrew Denman at his home in the San Francisco Bay Area and we journeyed south to San Diego, California, camping out a couple of nights at our wonderful state parks along the way.

The event activities started the next day with an all-day whale watching trip. We didn’t see any whales, but there was lots else to get photos of for possible future paintings – bottlenosed dolphins, California sea lions, harbor seals, gulls and terns, phalaropes, brown pelicans, blue-footed boobies (yes, that’s a real bird and it does have light blue feet), brown boobies, cormorants, a couple of jellyfish and, the really rare sight of the day, a sunfish. Here’s a few images:

California sea lions on a floating dock
Sea lions
Sea lions
Sea lions
Brown pelicans
Brown boobies
North Island, one of two that we approached on the boat for wildlife watching

Coming up next – The San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park

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