Marin Art Festival 2010

Two of the fantastically costumed stiltwalkers

I did a number of art festivals in the San Francisco Bay Area for a few years, including the Marin Art Festival the year before last. What I have found as an oil painter is that the street fair style of events don’t provide a targeted market for what I do. After skipping last year because of the economy, I decided to go back to the Marin festival. It’s a well-established destination event held on a big, grassy field near the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Marin Civic Center.

Side view of VW Eurovan packed and ready to go

I like that fact that it’s a flat rate for a space and that once you’ve been juried in, you are invited back and given a $100 discount on the entry fee. Knowing I will be able to count on participating year after year means a lot to me as far as my yearly planning. Communication from the people running the festival is excellent. They go out of their way to find ways to drive sales, especially this year. Besides postcards provided free to the artists in whatever quantity you request (each one good for a $10 free admission), they sent an email to all the artists with a free pass to print out that we could forward on to our mailing list. Other things they tried this year to drive sales were handing out “coins” that could be redeemed for a $10 discount on sales over $100 and a silent auction, which did generate sales. There is also a raffle.

Back view of VW Eurovan with propanels

Besides the artists and fine craftspeople, there is gourmet food, live music and members of a local “circus” who provide amazing stiltwalkers and costumed raffle winner announcers. Well-behaved dogs on leashes are allowed. Someone does face-painting for kids and there are special activities for them, too. There are lots of tables with umbrellas and chairs for people to plop down in for a break. It’s all calculated to encourage people to stay as long as possible.

My booth at the festival; they request that you "spill out" into the walkway area

I’ve decided that the Marin festival will be my one yearly Bay Area “appearance” due to time and distance constraints. My plan is to build up a following and identity as the artist who paints Mongolian and animal subjects. I feel that I made a good start this year. I had sales, got quality sign-ups for my mailing list and was able to tell my “story” and make myself memorable.

More stiltwalkers with a young admirer

3 thoughts on “Marin Art Festival 2010

  1. Sounds like a very nice festival… I too try to skip the street fair deal. Fine art shows are where the people actually want art and not just to get drunk (though a drinking art buyer can be good too). It’s so great to have organizers that work for the artists! I’m sure you can build a fine following there.


  2. I too have found that the street fair type events are not condusive to selling “fine art” – i.e. oil and acrylic paintings, though I had some sales when I did a few fairs couple of years ago. Jewelry is a biggie and mostly what the women fair goers are there for. I have also seen “wildlife photography” sell well if it is inexpensively priced. Most of what I have seen is obviously taken at places other than “in the wild” – too posed to be “wild” animals. I am amazed that you get to “spill out” of your booth! Most fairs would have you drawn and quartered for doing that!


  3. So I’ve heard from other more experienced festival artists. And that’s the way it was with the street festival people I booked with for a couple of seasons. But they really do and it certainly makes the site look more festive and inviting.

    Yeah, that “up close and personal” wildlife photography and an unfortunately increasing amount of wildlife painting is done from game ranch animals. I’ve been to two of those places and never again. If you’d like to know why, you can read my post on them here:

    It’s not a popular stand with a lot of my professional peers, but I’m ok with that.

    Thanks, Bekki! Guess you’re out on the road now. Hope all is well and that sales are good!


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