New Painting! “Mongol Horse #5-Evening Run” (Step By Step)

Mongol Horse #5-Evening Run 24x36" oil (price on request)

I was at Ikh Nartiin  Chuluu Nature Reserve in Sept. of 2008. While sitting outside my ger, a small herd of local horses came wandering by. It was early evening and some of them were feeling frisky, like this stallion. I loved the quality of light on his reddish coat. The background shows some of the fantastic rock formations at Ikh Nart, which provide habitat for argali sheep and Siberian ibex.

Here’s the step and step creation of this painting:

The brush drawing start

Laying the shapes of the shadows

First indication of the background

Shadow shapes for background elements

First pass of color for sky and ground

Progress on the horses

Light and dark sides established for rocks

Approaching the finish

The finished painting

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