Sometimes The Art Fairy….

Sometimes the Art Fairy floats down on gossamer wings and whispers something in your ear like….warthogs. And one must answer the call. So, I’m taking a break from my beloved Mongolian subjects and doing a painting of a warthog.

But first, here’s the azalea in full bloom that I can see outside one of my studio windows. It really brightens up a grey day.

On to the warthog. It’s from a reference shot I took during the October 2004 art workshop/safari in Kenya that I and ten other artists went on with the late Simon Combes. You can see pictures of the whole, wonderful trip here. The painting is 20×30″, a size that I use quite often.

Starting with the brush drawing done directly on the canvas
Laying in the shapes of the shadows
First pass of all over color
Second pass of color on the piggy

To be continued….

One thought on “Sometimes The Art Fairy….

  1. yeah the art fairy whispers in my ear weekly…after painting many birds for Galveston’s featherfest…she whispered two things: snapping turtle and baboon. 🙂


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