Drawings and sketches

Three Drawings of Mongol Horses and Riders

Drawing and painting animals has always come more easily to me than humans. No idea why, that’s just been how it is. But now, I’ve gotten really interested in the Mongol horses and the lives of the herders who breed, train, ride and race them. And I want to paint all of that, so now I really do have to get up to speed with people. These drawings are part of that process. They each took a few hours and I enjoyed doing them a lot.


Horse and Rider at Erdene Naadam, 2009; compressed charcoal on vellum bristol


Horse and jockey, mountain blessing day horse race at Baga Gazriin Chuluu, 2009; charcoal pencil on vellum bristol


Herder and horse, Ikh Nartiin Chuluu, 2005; charcoal pencil on vellum bristol

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  1. Oh I agree fully! I’ve always loved capturing the contours of animals but have faired less well with capturing human faces and the like. Your work is incredible, though, despite how you may feel about drawing humans. You do better than I.


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