The Final Drawing. Really.

Came back in this morning and looked at the last version with fresh eyes…..and realized that in trying to solve one problem with the ram on the left, that I’d wrecked the rhythm of the composition. The ram’s head needs to be down. Here are the two versions. I think you’ll see what I mean. What I had:

Argali 2What it got changed to:

Argali-4What I just revised it back to:


Now I have the more dynamic zig-zag line between the top line of the left and main rams. Version 2 made things too static. Better visual variety. Argali run up the rocks like water flowing uphill. And down with equal ease. I wanted to try to catch at least some of my visual impression of that movement. They are so at home in the amazing rocky outcrops they prefer.

Why I am posting all this preliminary stuff? Because people, including other artists, mostly only see the end result or pretty, finished drawings which creates an unrealistic idea of how messy and time-consuming the creation of a painting can be. I’ll flail around for as long as it takes. And that’s ok. The important thing is to get what I want, if I can.

One thought on “The Final Drawing. Really.

  1. Thank you for posting this blog update.

    I am one of those artists that rarely do a pencil sketch first. I love the instant gratification of color, and don’t truly mind correcting things later as the piece is worked.

    Sometimes, I don’t even know what the final product is…like my happy major accident on the violin I’m painting. I know what the final theme is, but not how it will look.

    I’m enjoying this process you are writing about to everyone!


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