New Wildlife Art Magazine Debuts!

UPDATE 7-13-16: Unfortunately this online magazine had a short run and is now defunct. For awhile it looked like someone else would take it on but that never happened.

I just found out this afternoon that Wildlife Art Journal is now up and running. Members of the Society of Animal Artists got a heads-up a few months ago and we were able to view a preview version, but the real thing is available now here. Todd Wilkinson, who many will remember from his excellent articles in the old Wildlife Art magazine, is the editor and co-publisher of this new online-only publication. The plan is to update the content on an on-going basis instead of using the old monthly print magazine model. There is a blog also. It’s obvious that a tremendous amount of work and care have gone into creating this, driven by a deep love of wildlife and animal art.

I personally want to wish them all the very best!

5 thoughts on “New Wildlife Art Magazine Debuts!

  1. I just went to the website based on your recommendation. It looks great, good stories too. I’m considering subscribing just for Todd’s perspective and writing style. Besides, 12-bucks a year is a bargain!


  2. Yes…I subscribed myself. Todd has always been such a good writer! I miss WAN alot- have every copy since like 1985- and I also get Southwest Art and Art of the West. Both excellent. But since I do wildlife art….WAJ should make me very happy to see in the mailbox! Good luck with it!


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