Mongolia Monday- More Horses and an Interesting New Book

Continuing on from last week, here are some more horse drawings. I’m looking for interesting gestures and angles other than from the side.



Next week I plan to do some sketches of various combinations of horses to see how they look.


Here’s a link to a story that was on CNN last week. It’s about an autistic boy whose father and mother take him to Mongolia, both to be healed by shamans and to spend extensive time on horseback.

And, as it happens, a dear artist friend of mine just sent me an autographed copy of the book that has resulted from the trip, The Horse Boy. I’m only part of the way in, but it’s a facinating book on a number of levels- the treatment of autism, Mongolia, its horses and shamanism. I’ll do a review once I’ve finished it. Suffice to say for the moment that the author experienced the same patience, tolerance and good will that I have during my travels there.

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