Mongolia Monday

I started some fun paintings from my new Mongolian reference last week and thought I’d share a couple of them in progress. I’m experimenting with a new way of starting, based on something I learned from John Seerey-Lester. Up till now I’ve begun by drawing directly with the brush, using line. It’s a default from being a “drawer” as a child. One of the major things I learned in art school was to see shape instead of, or in addition to, line.

Since I don’t use a projector, I draw directly from images on my monitor or a preliminary drawing. I sometimes get in trouble and spend a lot of time correcting. What to do?

Something must have been purcolating while I was away from the easel, because it suddenly occurred to me to do a light lay-in of the shapes with a big brush for size, proportion and location, wipe it out so that it is a ghost shape and then start the “real” drawing. It’s already made a difference.

So, here’s two in progress:

A Mongolian stallion 24″x36″

Mongol Horse stallion

Mongol Horse stallion

And a bactrian camel 20″x28″

Bactrian camel

Bactrian camel

Also, here’s one of the paintings that was accepted and will be available for purchase at the Society of Animal Artists show “Small Works, Big Impressions” at The Wildlife Experience near Denver, Colorado.

It’s called “Breakfast for Two” and is a takhi mare and foal that I saw at Hustai National Park.

Breakfast for Two

Breakfast for Two

Equipment reviews on Friday and more paintings!

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