Foster Kittens Go To New Home

The last of my first foster kittens, two of four, went out for adoption today and were adopted together! The wife wanted Juliet and the husband wanted Pippen, so it was easy for the woman I fostered them for to convince them to take both. They’ll join another young cat and a 100 lb. dog who loves cats. My guys adjusted quickly to my 75 lb. collie, so a big dog should be no problem.

 Pippin  Juliet

Pippin and Juliet, above

I was told that they kept everyone entertained at the event, trashing the contents of their crate and playing up a storm. I’m so proud of them. It was a very rewarding experience and I’m looking forward to doing it again.

For those of you checking in for pond photos, I got some today and hope to post them tomorrow. This darn cold has really worn out its welcome.

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