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And the Itinerary Is…..

Having used the “Jet Lag Program” to re-set myself to destination time, it’s about 6 am and I’m feeling pretty good. Got a decent night’s sleep, which makes things ever so much more enjoyable. Getting ready for the trip got a little crazy because I got sick a […]

The 9th AFC Flag Expedition Begins!

I departed on the 9th Flag Expedition at about 10:15am, July 5, from my home near McKinleyville, California. We live less than ten minutes from the airport, which is handy. Flew to San Francisco, got checked in to the next flight, which was to Korea. My flight schedule […]

The Flag Expedition Journal Title Page

I may add embelishments as the fancy or inspiration strikes me. But I’m tolerably pleased with how it came out. My Flag Expedition page is up and running here over at Artists for Conservation. I’ll also be blogging and posting photos there. Visit the AFC site here

Plans are Coming Together

Let’s see….my Flag Expedition page should be live soon over at Artists for Conservation. I have confirmed that the weather is likely to be hot, hot, hot. Unless it rains, in which case it could be cold enough that I’ll want my down bag. I spent three hours […]