Category: Mongolia 2009

The Flag Expedition Journal Title Page

I may add embelishments as the fancy or inspiration strikes me. But I’m tolerably pleased with how it came out. My Flag Expedition page is up and running here over at Artists for Conservation. I’ll also be blogging and posting photos there. Visit the AFC site here

Plans are Coming Together

Let’s see….my Flag Expedition page should be live soon over at Artists for Conservation. I have confirmed that the weather is likely to be hot, hot, hot. Unless it rains, in which case it could be cold enough that I’ll want my down bag. I spent three hours […]

Memorial Day Miscellany

First, I want to honor and express my appreciation for all the men and women who serve and have served in our armed forces.  I’ve read a lot of history and it’s true- Freedom isn’t free. But, America should never go to war except as a last resort […]

Gearing Up For Mongolia, Part 1

After awhile one starts to get a feeling for what little comforts make a big difference when one is traveling, especially when it’s a somewhat “adventurous” destination like Mongolia. The basic accomodation in the countryside is at ger camps, where visitors stay in the same kind of gers […]