The Art Life: Big Island Sketchbook

H 1

We got back last Monday night from our two week vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii. While I wanted to kick back and relax I also wanted to make art, specifically to do at least one sketch a day, and I came pretty close.

I took a variety of dry media with me, along with a 7×5″ Pentalic Nature Sketch sketchbook since it works well for what I use. Also my watercolors and I managed one, but the weather, unexpectedly hot and humid (we’ve been to Hawaii this time of year a number of times and don’t remember it being like so uncomfortable for us northern Californians) made sitting outside for any length of time very difficult. It needs a bit of work in the studio, so I haven’t posted it yet.

I used Cretacolor Monolith graphite pencils, Sakura Micron pens, Derwent watersoluble colored pencils and also their Graphitone watersoluble graphite pencils in various combinations.

The goal was to have fun, try things and have an art record of the trip, not create a finished “museum” piece. Anyone can do this while they travel and I encourage you to try. Get a spiral bound sketchbook so you can rip out and throw away (recycle) any pages you don’t like if that would take the pressure off. Any pens or pencils will do, along with a good eraser. I like the kneaded rubber ones since they don’t make a mess.

Sketching is a different way of seeing and experiencing a place because the way one observes a scene in order to draw or paint it is different than just looking at it or taking photos. With that…

H 3

H 4

H 2

H 5

H 6

H 8

H 7

H 9

H 10

I had less than a minute to sketch each of these geckos before they vanished. Whew.

H 11

H 12

I did the above one while we were waiting for lunch at Volcano House in Volcanos National Park. The restaurants have seats that overlook the crater. Tres cool.

H 13


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