In The Studio: 20 Things To Do When You Can’t Be Because You’re Sick…

P for blog
Peregrin, our ten month old rough collie boy, demonstrates excellent RESTING  technique

I’ve been down with a chest cold for a week, so no studio time. I’ve mostly rested, but when I’ve felt like it I’ve done a few things like clean out my inbox, catch up on some reading and, of course, dorked around on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Twitter has been great because reading in 144 character bites doesn’t require sustained focus and attention. I also poked around on Facebook, joined a bunch of art groups and last night, finally feeling halfway decent again, started one…The Art of Animal Fieldwork…an area of  the animal art genre that no one is addressing effectively (there are a couple of groups that purport to be about fieldwork, but the Admins appear to be MIA and the group feeds are cluttered with a lot of bad studio art, personal promos, etc). You can check it out here. Nice to feel that I’ve managed to Do Something Useful, even in my reduced state.

Today is my weekly blog day and the theme is “In The Studio”, which I haven’t been since last Friday. So instead I’m going to give you a list of 10 ideas for things you can do when you’re sick if you don’t have a computer or tablet handy and 10 for if you do.

The most important thing, though is to REST. The better you take care of yourself the sooner you can get back to work. On to the lists:


1. Research art galleries

2. Futz with a drawing or painting app

3. Clean out your email folders/mailboxes

4. Clean out and organize your folders

5. Visit art museum sites

6. Treat yourself to a new art-related book that’s downloadable for instant gratification

7. Check out art-related YouTube videos or movies

8. Find new artists to follow, groups to join on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

9. Find new art blogs to follow

10. Start a collection of art quotes


1. Read an art-related book that you haven’t gotten around to

2. Browse through some of your art books

3. Make a list of places you want to go (sky’s the limit; be crazy; Mars anyone?)

4. Plan out a painting in your head in as much detail as possible

5. Browse an art supply catalog and make a wish list; include one media you’ve never tried before

6. Get a pad of paper and pencils/pens and doodle painting ideas or draw a pet or whatever is in the room

7. Make a list of the artists you’ve heard of but don’t know anything about

8. Think about how to make your studio a better workplace

9. If you blog, jot down post ideas

10. Get out a stack of reference photos and do notan studies (

And get well soon!



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