New York, New York! For The Explorers Club Annual Dinner

no snow packBut first, here’s a photo that I took from the plane as we flew over the Sierra Nevada mountains heading east from San Francisco. There should be nothing but white in this picture from top to bottom. There is no snow pack again this year, which means drought conditions will continue. A third of the state’s water from from winter snowfall in the Sierra Nevadas. There’s more info. here.

I’m now in New York at the Hotel Newton, getting ready to head over to The Explorers Club to poke and around and meet up with my host for the weekend, artist and Society of Animal Artists colleague Alison Nicholls. We’ll be going to the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Connecticut this afternoon and meeting up with artist and also Society of Animal Artists friend and colleague Sean Murtha, who works at the museum. Check out their websites by clicking on their names. I think you’ll enjoy seeing their work.

And finally, if you’re not familiar with The Explorers Club, of which I became a Fellow last April, you can find out more here. The Saturday night festivities will be live-streamed.




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