New Painting Debut! “Summer Graze (Takhi Stallion)”

"Summer Graze (Takhi Stallion)
“Summer Graze (Takhi Stallion)  oil  12×16”

I never get tired of going to Hustai National Park in Mongolia. It’s the best place in the world to see takhi or, as they are known in the west, Przewalski’s horse. I saw this stallion with his harem in August of 2013. It had been a good year for all the animals in Mongolia, both domestic and wild. The takhi looked great!

Takhi harem, Hustai National Park
Takhi harem, Hustai National Park

Here’s part of the harem moving along for their morning graze. A dominant mare leads them and decides where they will go. The harem stallion usually brings up the rear, keeping an eye on everyone. At the time I was there I was told there were around 300 horses divided into 15 harems, plus some bachelor groups. Hustai National Park is only a two-hour drive, mostly on paved road, from Ulaanbaatar. So it should be on the “Must See” list for any animal or horse lover traveling to Mongolia.

Takhi/Przewalski’s horse is the only surviving species of true wild horse. At one point there were only 54 of them in the world. Now there are, I believe, over 2000. They have been reintroduced to three locations in Mongolia, including Hustai. The other locations are very remote and not set up for visitors, so this is the place to see them.

One thought on “New Painting Debut! “Summer Graze (Takhi Stallion)”

  1. Beautiful painting Susan and thanks for the very interesting info on these unique animals. A success story to be sure.


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