SOLD! Day 8 of my “12 Days of Drawings” Sale! “Lucky” (a young eurasian black/cinereous vulture)

LuckyDay 8 of my “12 Days of Drawings” Sale!
“Lucky” graphite on paper 8×11″

I first met “Lucky”, a eurasian black/cinereous vulture, when he was in an enclosure near the research camp at Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Nature Reserve. I was allowed in with him and got some great photos. He was curious and cautious, not scared at all. He’d crashed on his first attempt to fly and had broken one wing in three places. The researchers brought him back to camp and there he stayed for over a year while they got all the permissions and permits needed to bring him to the Denver Zoo. And that’s where he lives today. 20% of the sales price will be donated to support research at Ikh Nart.


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